28 December 2011


This little fellow (or was he a she?) was determined to get through the window to play this morning.

Defeated, he left his calling card smeared widely by flapping wings just in case we wanted to get in touch with him later.
Was it a crested finch or a female red cardinal? On Christmas Eve the most impressive male red cardinal called, prompting many wishes, and (of course) the female is far less impressive in plume.

I am also enjoying the grey squirrels which scamper across the lawn and scramble nimbly up the trees. The large pecan tree guarantees plenty of mishcievous company these clear but chilly mornings.

Today I am grateful for the big outdoors.


Kay said...

Our little bird is back again today, looking smoother and less flustered but still trying to come into the house. The red crest is lying flat most of the time.

Art By Tali Landsman said...

This red plume little bird has such miscivious eyes... What a cute visitor.
Wishing you a wonderful New Year Kay,

Kay said...

Tali I really appreciated your blog post yesterday. I do hope you keep blogging, even in your more private times of meditation, reflection and contemplation. You have so much to share, and you express yourself so well.

A very blessed New Year to you too.

Art By Tali Landsman said...

Thank you dear Kay for your encouraging words... They do mean a lot to me...
I will keep on sharing.
With friendship and light,