20 December 2011

six (or is it five?) sleeps till Christmas...

This blue star is outside my house, a beautiful and simple reminder of the meaning of Christmas.

In the lead up to Christmas there is plenty of excitement. On the other side of the Atlantic Santa has just delivered an "Elf on the Shelf" so we are going to be extra good until Santa arrives... although as far as I can see we are very good anyway!

In my in-box was the Christmas greeting from the International Medical Corps, and this link will take you to their website . Christmas donations to them go to a very humanitarian cause.

Today I am grateful for
good food.

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Teacake said...

When we were young and impressionable, we were told that the blackbirds which arrived around late spring were scouts for Father Christmas! So we had to be good for ages!

NB This was for southern hemipshere summer Christmases, so I guess at least we didn't have to be good for the whole year ;-)