13 December 2011

sharing wise words...

Ok, so at 4.44am on a Tuesday morning I should be asleep, but I woke at 3am with things I wanted to do. One of my life changes is to go with sleeping when I feel the need, and meditating/writing/reading when that feels right too, no matter what the hour.

This morning, just as the cooler air was beginning to register on my skin, I turned the electric blanket on, thinking of a few more hours rest... and in came a blog post to read. It was such a wise posting that I want to share it with you, and for a few minutes completely forgot that I was on my way back to bed.

Reflection time is one of the real advantages of living alone, or if you don't live alone is something to timetable into your day. You read of people making time for good deeds, for projects, for family. But it is also important to make time to reflect, and from that reflection, if the moment is approached with empathy and care alongside objectivity, positive change will come.

Thanks to Tali Landsman who once again shares words of wisdom with an honesty to be admired and emulated. Tali's post is called "Exploring Your Regrets". Enjoy her wisdom and frankness.

I choose to look at events that I "regret" as learning curves. When things upset me or go "wrong" in my life I ask myself "What did I learn from this?" or "Where is the lesson in this for me?" Often the lessons are hard, but when properly considered become launching pads for positive change. Remember that the only thing you can really change in life is your attitude, how you choose to react to things, but if you can do that in times that are not so good then other things will change for the better all around you.

Being honest with yourself is perhaps one of the most difficult things to do. It is well worth the effort and the pain to come out the other side a stronger and more developed person.

Today I am grateful for thoughtful writers.


Kay said...

... and I have just found how to change the time settings so the blog time shown in the real one now! It was set on Pacific time before.

Aaah the things you can do when the rest of the country sleeps...

Buonanotte, for what is left of it!

Sarah said...

Always best to do what strikes you.