31 January 2011

new beginnings

2011 is shaping up to be a year of big changes. Members of my family are moving countries, starting new jobs, facing new challenges.

I am at a crossroad wondering which path to take... the one less travelled has greater challenges, and maybe that is the direction I shall head.

A series of unrelated but life-changing events over the past few weeks has me going back to review my core values, my decision making and my attitude to life hour by hour.

On my computer is research information that is exciting for true historians. I find it interesting, but not so exciting. I enjoy contemplating events that shape us as people, but for the purpose of understanding the end result, not for the history itself. I think I am more a sociologist than an ethnologist, humanitarian more than reformer, and historically have been more pacifist than activist.



Perhaps it is time to have a voice, to be more active, to stand up and be counted.

Takes a deep breath, looks at life through the chink of an opening door, and says to herself (not quite believing it yet) "Go on, you can do it!"

Today I am grateful for the people who believe in me.


Sarah said...

I believe in you!
I believe in you!
Now...what are you doing?

Nicola said...

Yeah, what's the goss??!! I think I can guess a bit...

Anonymous said...

I've read it over and over again. Even "Google translate" didn't help me out.
Waiting impatiently for your next Blog

A believer