11 January 2011

stronger every day

Occasionally there are challenges that take a bit of adjusting to. I faced one such challenge this week, and momentarily questioned my sanity. Why on earth did I choose to live in a culture so different from mine, where I am still struggling to speak the language and cultural differences seem bigger, not smaller, the longer I stay here? Perhaps summers in Godzone are on the agenda?

But this passes very quickly, and a walk around the village, the view out the studio window or a kind word from a friend reassures me that really, I am doing OK. I stretch my vocab further, I review actions and reactions, I count my blessings and I know that I am where I am meant to be.

Besides, what would Zacchi do if I spent too much time away from home? Pickle, little food lover, adores whoever brings her treats, but deep down Zacchi has only one mistress, and to reassure me of that he is becoming increasingly obedient. I no longer have to say "outside" but merely point to the door and he trots out, puts on the most woeful expression, and pulls at my heart-strings.

Pickle and I need to watch our food intake. We have both made the most of winter! I see lots of walking ahead of us... now to find a choke-chain so she doesn't pull me off stride. A visiting friend showed me a trick with her lead that is helping a lot so walks are less stressful for me.

Life! It's interesting, no doubt about it. I'd like to think that challenges keep me young and alert...

Today I am grateful that I am a capable and independent Kiwi ex-pat.

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