6 January 2011


The last few emails between Italy and artists organising the destination of artworks are being sent. The last few trips to the post office (one hopes) and the last few decisions about what to show and what to keep in Italy for another exhibition are being made. The gallery now has four groupings of works of varying size and weight, and no matter how I look at it the now orderly packing is going to be overweight when I get it to check-in.

Legato is a full time job. Sigh. But somehow, one step at a time, I will get there. Today I have a helping hand to pack, and every work must be photographed as it goes into the crate so I am ready for customs.

In the meantime there are eight more blogposts to write so that all artists have been mentioned more-or-less equally on the blog.

Stop procrastinating, Kay, there is work to be done!

Today I am grateful for daylight at the end of the tunnel.

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