16 January 2011

beautiful sunday

It's been "one out of the box"... one of several in fact. Glorious days that feel like spring, but appreciated all the more because winter still could well have a sting in its tail. This afternoon a beautiful moon hovered over the rocky hill face where the rock climbers were out in huge numbers. (How do I get photos from cell phone to computer?)

There is still more to do than hours to do it in, but I am getting better at cutting things off the list and appreciating each day for what it is.

I am really wanting to write, to get lost in words, to create. It is time, but there is no real time until a few more things are sorted. For now my head must remain the creative playground while my hands do other work.

I saw on facebook a comment about someone being bored. I don't think I have ever been bored in my life. How lucky am I to have such a mix of peaceful contentment and exciting challenges.

Today I am grateful for having wonderful things to do.


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Sarah said...

I learned quickly that if I said "I'm bored" as a child my mother found a job for me to do. I erased that word from my vocabulary.

One of my favourite quotes from 'Mad Men'..."Only boring people get bored."