14 January 2011

between skype and emails

I barely seem to have left the computer!

Thank goodness for skype; not only for calling my family, seeing my beautiful grandchildren as they grow and learn, and staying in touch with friends, but in these recent days also for talking to people in NZ arranging the next exhibition. Gmail videochat picks up where Skype isn't an option, and I marvel at how, the time of day not withstanding, I am able to keep in touch and work towards goals for projects which are quite literally on the other side of the world!

I have just noticed, on my exercise beat between the computer and the kettle, that Zacchi is stretched out in a sunbeam, head turned to the house, hoping against hope that I will take the rubbish out soon and walk him at least as far as the skip bins. It's that kind of day; it really does feel like spring, even though logic says there will be another cold snap just around the corner.

The birds are chirping so happily, a full chorus of them, dogs are yapping in the distance, and everything else is calm. The sun reaches well into the kitchen, and it is truly a delightful feeling of peace... uh oh, as I wrote that someone started up a chainsaw, but seemingly changed their mind about using it. It is siesta time, after all.

Yes, winter is still with us. But the day has that lovely crisp feeling that I tend to associate with autumn rugby fields - I can't believe I just wrote that, here in my Italian village! But you know what I mean, I am sure, those days when the sun is wonderful but not at full force, the air is crisp, and it is a pleasure to be alive, out in it, boots on to keep warm but face exposed to the elements.

Today I am grateful for a feeling of tranquility and peace.

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Nicola said...

It's a lovely life. (: xx