9 July 2014

remember this? no?

I can't remember when I began this, so I don't expect you to remember my post (s?) about it. It was one of those "outdoor painting in a group" days, and while I remember the location I have no idea of the year so can't link you to the post about it.

Anyway, with no students around it is time to finish off some bits and pieces, and this one came to the top. Unfortunately I have very few acrylic paints, and the colours I require I suspect I gave to my student. The fact that I can't locate my on-site photos isn't helping greatly either!

So this is what you can do with yellow, pale green, bright blue and terracotta. But I am going to have to locate some real red, and some white, if I am to finish this.

The story so far, after about an hour today getting "back into the painting" with some loose brushwork:

And then at the lunch break: 
Smoko time:
And a couple of hours later:
And at knock-off time: 
And finished, photo added 16/7/14

Today I am grateful for imagination and paint. 

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