4 July 2014

back on deck

...or at least at the computer again. I bravely left my laptop at home and flew away.

Is this the mighty Thames wandering out to sea?

I took a much needed break for two weeks, and now have reassembled my scattered thoughts and am almost ready for action again.

The Alps were glorious in full sunshine, but my little camera was not powerful enough to capture them and also wanted to focus on the mini-snowflake shapes on my window. 

And after two weeks of a different kind of summer it is back to 32 degrees and work! 

I have completed the research for my next project; now to distill from my copious notes the threads that I need to focus on. 

Today I am grateful for opportunities to be with family. 


Di said...

Love the photographs, specially that last one. There is something about them that's a bit special. Looking forward to reading you again :-)

Kay said...

Thanks Di, when you go "AWOL" as I did you forget that maybe someone is waiting to read your ramblings again! Nice to hear from you, grazie mille :)