17 July 2014

not quite

Out of the context of an ancient and rustic home with heavy furniture she probably looks a little odd, but I am happy to leave her for now and move on. A little distance from her will help me see the things I need to fix to shape her face more; there are a few things to do but not too many. Right now I wish I had painted this from scratch, with the festival in mind. I would have had a much more sparkling and happy face than this little one.

It is an odd size, a canvas made up for the ArtCube group where we all paint on a huge cube - an activity that is fun but challenging, to say the least. This painting is 33cm high, and about 37 wide.

The strong under-painting of yellow is glowing as I look at the painting on the studio wall, and I am quite pleased about that.

In the context of a medieval festival in an ancient town she will sit well and children will stop and chat to me. I like that :) it helps pass the time, is stress-free, and gives me many smiles.

(Note to self: Kay you know better than to paint an imaginery person front on with no real light source).  

Next please, there are a few more to finish and repaint. It's time to move on. This is work, and it is now 9am. The next one was from the same night in Fondi, where I could hardly see what I was doing. It is an archway, very loosely painted. Can I complete it yet still keep it loose? Mmmm... that's a challenge!

Today I am grateful for milder temperatures and clear air. 

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