29 July 2014

digging a little

When I work out how to access my photos presumably uploaded onto Google+ I will post some images from the "dig" at Aquino. Saturday was the (second) annual open day. It really is amazing, seeing history uncovered. And so close to home!

On Saturday afternoon I was visiting a family in a different region, and after I had shown them my photos (on the mini-tablet I am somewhat inept with) they gave me two pieces of Roman treasure "to paint on". Their home and garden is over more Roman ruins, but that is not actually a blessing but more of a concern. Who wants their quiet and their livelihood disturbed to dig up yet another Roman villa? (No, I can't remember how to get there, nor can I remember the name of the village. It is a long way from here and I was following another car, I don't have the address).

In the meantime, if I could only remember where I put my camera battery charger, I could take a few more photos to paint from, while the sunflowers are in bloom, the cornflowers are glowing in the morning light, and the huge rolls of hay lie gleaming in the sun.

Today I am grateful for nice weather.

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