16 July 2014

a long afternoon

Paint something medieval for Fossanova, he said. Yeah right! I don't remember much about those times, except perhaps being locked in the stocks with my feet through the boards. But one does like to oblige... (images from the festival in other years are here).

This little one wash sketch was from a notte bianca (all night festival) in Fondi, some time ago, where it was mostly painting in the half-dark. A sweet little girl was watching me paint, so of course I began to paint her. Her father wanted to buy the painting, but I couldn't detach it from the group board. I started another, (the sketch below) and then she disappeared.

So, in the theme of taking these unfinished "excursion paintings" and turning them into something I could perhaps use, I tried turning this little sketch into something that might possibly come across as medieval in the right setting.

No, of course it isn't finished... you know me better than that :)

Today I am grateful for Ella Fitzgerald and Chet Baker.

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