29 November 2013

being trendy

Posting partials, either partially completed or parts of works, is happening a lot these days. With so much rampant theft of images from the internet (to make cards, decorate porcelain, produce calendars... you name it, we do the work and someone else takes our images and makes money from them) it is perhaps better to post only parts of images that are special to you.

This is part of a partial - no, not part and parcel, that brings back memories of life in the sixites, where having family near was simply "part and parcel" of one's life. But missing my family is sending me back into painting, and that's a good place to be too.

So this image is a part of a bigger painting and still about four days from completion, all going well. And that makes it part of a partial.

Today I am grateful for citrus fruit and blue skies. 

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Di said...

I pity the thieves, and they're everywhere, not just individuals. We do what we do, channeling a passion. I would love earn money instead of fighting for every cent/any cent as a photographer but if I had to choose between the passion of creation and theft. The quality of their might be full of the 'things' out of reach to the artist but I think artist's life is full.
I'm just rereading May Sarton's 'Journal of Solitude'. I'm loving it, have you read it yet?