8 November 2013

post-olive picking downtime...

The olives are pressed and the flavour is superb.

It's time to rest a little, between some rather strenuous chores and some intense Legato work. Legato keeps growing, and spreading to more towns... it's great, but time consuming. I think that regular "down-time" is essential so I am not totally consumed by the monster I have created. 

Winter is coming (eventually), with open fires, toast, and soup. One of my favourite theorists has a nice quote doing the rounds of blogs at the moment, some salve for my soul as I don't have time to paint:
"A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting". - Abraham Maslow
I have been reading a few blogs as I relax, to give my brain a bit of a work-out as my body unwinds. One of my favourites produced this wonderful article today, discussing a meaningful life and happiness. The blog is "The Daily Good".

Today I am grateful for:

  1. the olive harvest 
  2. photos from the Antipodes 
  3. a little help from my friends 
  4. a range of music 
  5. and two little dogs who keep me company while I work and dream.

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