8 December 2013

on task

I've been without internet (other than on a phone which I was not sure how to use for a while).

Day one was OK, I was expecting the internet back any moment.

Day two I was a bit fidgety, not really happy about it.

Day three I was totally having withdrawal symptons, showing me how serious my cyber addiction was.

Day four I was through the worst of it, coping quite well.

Day five I was thinking I could do with much less internet.

Day six I was planning to cancel my contract.

Day seven... I was desparate to sit at my computer and see what I had been missing.

Could I cope? Not really, but the experience was good. In fact it's been great for me.

I might disappear more often.

It is far better to create than surf the net admiring other creations.

Balance, Kay, balance is what you need.

Today I am grateful for poetry and friends.

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