16 November 2013

new works forming

But because they are still forming in my mind I wont share them yet. They will be a mixture of realism and abstraction, with a message. But I hope that they will be essentially as beautiful and optimistic as they could be challenging.

Pencil and paper already in use, and this time I don't want to rush in ill-prepared as I usually do.

It's difficult, finding a balance between spontaneous enthusiastic creative energy and technically well researched and beautifully sketched designs.

But I think I can do it.

Wish me luck.

Today I have struggled to find five new things to list. Yes I have many things I could list, but I like my gratitude posts to be from the heart. I choose instead two quite contrasting gratitudes, one the result of a lot of thinking, the other the result of two days of shuffling papers and filing them into plastic sleeves.

Today I am grateful for creative ideas and some semblance of order in my teaching materials. 

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Sarah said...

Good luck, Mamma!