28 November 2013

sunset two nights ago

The view from my studio was amazing, but the inside temperature was only 9 degrees. So it's back downstairs to the steady 16 - 17 degrees for a while. 

The snow across the valley is still looking solid, and up behind me on Monte Cairo there is a deep icing on the cake. Despite the falling mercury and dramatic skies, here on the slopes of Monte Asprano we are yet to have a frost. 

Today I am grateful for warm clothes and alternative heating sources.


Di said...

Exquisite view you have there.

Kay said...

Di it is an ever-changing view, absolutely wonderful. From my studio I can look up at the village and to the ancient ruins, or across the valley to the mountains. And once or twice a year, when conditions are right, I can smell the sea! (It's at least a 40 minute drive away).