3 January 2013


I have been looking at my calendar - 2013 is turning into a very busy year already!

I have already been a little busy with the next edition of the Legato exhibition which is looking exciting, and of course I continue to burn the midnight oil to keep up with family via Skype and then wonder why my sense of day and night is disappearing again.

I have taken a break from painting, at least until the end of March, but am taking the occasional photograph to keep my eye in and the ideas for art are swirling with an increasing urgency in my brain. That is what had disappeared as I painted for my watercolour exhibition "Imagine Italy" which runs for another two weeks.

Writing inspiration comes and goes, but when I am not writing I have been reading, in English, a rare treat to myself these days.

I don't make new year resolutions, but I do choose a word for myself to try to live by. It took me a while to choose my word this year, and for now I shall keep it private. But it is a word that will bring renewed inspiration in all areas of my life, and as I meditate on the word each morning and evening I know that I have chosen it well.

Happy New Year, let's all make it a good one!

Today I am grateful for good health. 


Helen said...

I smiled as I read that for you reading a book that is in English is a treat. That surely must be a measure of your success with immersion into your Italian life.

Kay said...

Or a measure of my frustration at not enough progress, so I try to read in Italian? But when I called an ATM a Bancomat and didn't have any idea of what I had said that was funny I realise that there is some sign of immersion or integration there :-)