28 January 2013

today is sunday

Today is Sunday, and it is the day for remembering the holocaust. I don't remember ever marking this day in NZ, but it is certainly dominating evening television here in Italy.

This morning I read an interesting article by an English writer, and in some ways it echoes my own sentiments. It is important to remember, and to ensure that similar things don't happen again. But these atrocities do continue in other parts of the world. And we do little. Perhaps a better way of honouring those who died is, as the writer suggested, not to cling to history, refusing to move on, but to move forward.  I suggest that in moving forward we take positive actions to educate for tolerance and peace.


Another article I read struck a chord. Should we be worried about nanomaterials? I heard some time ago that these have already been found in ice at the antarctic. Some are dangerous, and some are not. The ones that make socks odourless are apparently the same ones that cause deformities in fish and could threaten the aquatic ecosystem. At the very least, shouldn't we be making sure that workers in factories are not being exposed to these incredibly tiny little particles of metal and carbon?


Today is now Monday. I lost internet connection and couldn't post this, and lost quite a few thoughts that had not saved. Ah well.... this is enough for now.

Today I am grateful for my young visitor who is a great cook. 

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