24 January 2013

another warm work...

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I finished the blanket - and gave it away as soon as it was washed and dried and soft to snuggle into. Now it is the laptop keeping my knees warm.

Knitting is much better for me than working, I am (almost) convinced of that. There is something about the repetitive actions in handcrafts that is good also for the soul, or the nurturer within. Painting is one thing, but producing something useful rather than beautiful has a virtue of its own.

While I was knitting I had no need for the computer, no need to work, no need to concentrate on anything in particular. I think that, for the first time in a long time, I was truly relaxing in the evenings.

Be still, that voice inside that says you don't have time to knit. You must write, you must paint.

Remember, on this winter evening, that "ought", "should" and "must" are no longer in my vocabulary.

What shall I knit next?

Today I am grateful for photographs from afar.


Helen said...

knit one purl one, it is the repetitive action that is soothing. Your knitting is your art at present:-)

Sarah said...

Beauty is useful. HOWEVER...it seems like knitting is good for your particular soul. You should run with that.