18 August 2012

too hot to bark

or "where did Zacchi go? 

Zacchi hates to be groomed, but he knows when something is good for him.  He doesn't actually seek the brush, but it's been a while and he stood perfectly, giving only the tiniest growls to say that he was keeping an eye on my scissors.

But not near the tail, mum, you know the rules!  And no, not the legs, never the legs... oops! Too late!

Piccles, however, said "oh no you don't that reminds me of all that stuff I had to endure when I was ill I'm out of here fast..."(she didn't stop to draw breath) and was dragged back by the collar for a token grooming only.

The funniest thing was the rewards, though.  Zacchi loves Frolics, but refused to take them from me during or after grooming. He was sulking, punishing me, something along those lines. Finally he ate two from my hand, but with so much distrust!  (Never trust a mother bearing gifts, she could be about to bath you!)

One Frolic remained on the edge of the coffee table this morning. When they came in out of the heat the terrible duo sniffed their way around the kitchen, looking for it.  Darn it, said Zacchi when he spotted it, it's out of bounds.

Oooh there it is, said Pickle several snoops later, and with a furtive glance at me managed to get it without appearing to move.  I pounced and I barked. She wasn't expecting that. She dropped the Frolic and slunk away. I pulled her back for the lecture. NO TABLE! She knew...  She tried to slink away again, eyes looking as sorry and apologetic as only Piccolina's can.

After a suitable period of remorse I took the Frolics and dogs away from the kitchen and gave them their rewards...

Today we are all grateful for cold floors.

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