2 August 2012

full moon

Last night there was a beautiful full moon.  The restaurant was lovely, the food superb, the surroundings romantic, but the best things of all were the company and the moon.

The real pleasures in life are time spent with family and true friends, and the wonders that nature provides.

Recently I read a quote that said that what we really want in a relationship is to feel safe... safe to be ourselves.  How true that is, and how wonderful to be in company where you can relax, be yourself without feeling judged, and trust that you can have truly honest conversation.

Today I am grateful for a gentle morning breeze and lots of "calm".


Helen said...

It sounds as though it was a lovely evening with your friends. Time to recharge your batteries and to relax. :) :) :) to you

Teacake said...

Seeing as you saw the full moon on 2 August, keep your eye out for it again on the 31st. That will be a blue moon, according to the definition of two full moons in a (Gregorian) calendar month.

Oh - I just read that it will only occur in time zones west of UTC+08, which I think does mean you, and doesn't mean me! We get one in September instead. I will look our for it in August anyway, in case :-)

After this year, the next blue moon for anybody is in 2015.

Kay said...

You'll have me launching into song... Blue Moon... It was the night of the 1st August here that we saw the full moon, thhey seem to come around pretty often these days... or is it just that time flies?

Interesting though, about blue moons. Thanks for sharing :-))

Kay said...

Oh, and one day I had better buy myself a new h key... and clean under the k one a bit more carefully...