7 August 2012

second session

These are all "sketches" on unstretched paper.  My preference is to stretch even 300gsm paper, but yesterday when I began these I decided that they were going to be fast and fun, playing on paper with brush and colour, rather than serious artworks.  

I remember someone saying "not every piece of art has to be a masterpiece".  I have taken that to heart, and want to treat things lightly for a while.  I think that the seriousness of the works for Legato took too much out of me, and the demands of the hot summer are enough without burdening myself with lofty goals right now.  

These works are all approximately 20x33cms, or 8x13 inches.   It is one sheet of Arches 300gsm hot press smooth paper cut into four.  I am using only one brush, my favourite Robert Simmons 14 round, which I have had ever since my first lesson with Nancy Tichborne.  I put my first wash on with my mop brush, (mainly because I had left my beloved hake brush upstairs in the hot studio) and then put that aside too. 

They are all shots from in or around my house and village, little cameos that caught my eye.  They could end up in frames, who knows? There's a long way to go with all of them.  The brightest one at this stage will end up being the darkest one when finished.  

Today I am grateful for an oscillating fan.

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