31 August 2012


Tonight's concert was supposed to be in a piazza, but luckily (I think) was transferred into a church.  This church is modern, so modern in fact that it displays a risen Christ, something you don't usually see in a Catholic church.  The crucified Christ is relegated to a side wall.  

Behind the altar is a semi-circular space with amazing acoustics, perfect for a choir of 30 (including my lovely tenor from last year).  And the gold flute was beautiful, but the highlight for me is always the lovely local soprano (one of two brilliant international singers from a radius of about 10kms), Tania Di Giorgio.  I am a groupie.  She reminds me so much of a young Kiri Te Kanawa, and her warmth and informality is allowed to shine through between the wonderful performances (see below, no pun intended on warmth, this hot night, when even the choir used their music to fan themselves).  

The flautist is Alessandro Crosta, the choir the Coro Lirico di Craiova e Brasov, the soprano Tania Di Giorgio (accompanied by a string quartet and then she accompanied herself with a guitar). 

The music was superb, the programme long with many added surprises, and the church was absolutely steamy hot!  It was a wonderful event...

 But I lost the tenor to the soprano again... sigh!

Today I am grateful for music

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