17 August 2012

out and about


We stopped just off the motorway at a most unlikely looking bar. It was an urgent stop, and I was hoping that the facilities would be clean enough for my overseas guests. I decided to make it a coffee break as well as I had been driving a while, and two breakfasts are always better than one.  

Thirty years of making cappucini a showman makes... and the performance was superb!  There are no coffee bars other than Starbucks in Japan, so we enjoyed the speed, the flair, the absolute showmanship of the barista who quite clearly was not used to having appreciative clients.  When I explained who my guests were and that they had never seen anyone work as he did he simply said "Thirty years makes you good at it".  


One of my little lost detours took me through a little village just before the drive to the Amalfi Coast. I couldn't resist making a series of snaps that could well end up in paintings. This one I am sharing is simply a reference shot, not a composition.  


Wouldn't you just love to be at a concert here on the Amalfi Coast? Almost everywhere we went there were lights, temporary stagings, and lots of activity.  (Who would be mad enough to go to the Amalfi Coast the day after the Ferragosto holiday?) But the opportunity to dance centre stage was simply wonderful.  No, that is not one of our group there, but some other tourist exalting in the moment.  It was lovely seeing how uninhibited people were, anonymous and on holiday... quite a series of performances in their own right!

Today I am grateful for potable water. 

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