3 June 2012

a strange thing to call progress

Last night I wrote an email to a distant cousin organising a family reunion, updating a few things on the family tree.

I had written in the update that I have been divorced for about six years.

I think that's probably the first time I have actually owned the "divorced" word.

I guess that's progress?

And why post such an odd thing? Well, maybe I am not the only person in the world who struggles with the concept.  So, to all those singles out there, in my opinion it's a huge conceptual leap from saying you are separated to accepting that you are divorced.

Is it only my generation that struggles with the word and sees it as being loaded with negative connotations? Failure, shame, broken promises...

This evening, as I head out dressed in royal blue taffeta and wearing a plastic tiara to celebrate the jubilee I shall make the (silent) proclamation to myself that "Divorced" is not a dirty word.  I will be the only single at the party, but not the only divorcee.

So, in my regalia, I proclaim...

Mmmm.... I wonder, should I leave the tiara behind.  Ponders.  Our queen wasn't actually crowned until 1953. I wasn't born this time 60 years ago but I do have a coronation mug somewhere in the world!

Oh the choices a girl has to make... hat or tiara...

I know, BOTH!

Single by choice or divorced?


Today I am grateful for acceptance. 

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