2 June 2012


Today is the Festa della Repubbica, and wikipedia has an interesting entry about it.

My festa began at 2.25am with a text from a New Zealand phone proclaiming "I am on the 1.40 train".   Um.  What does one do, at that hour? Get up and look for train times? But from where, to where? And do I want to go out alone to a deserted station?  And my station or Cassino?

I sent a reply "Who, arriving where, and when?"  There was no reply.

Maybe it was a wrong number, but...? Common sense prevailed, and I stayed where I was.  But it ate away at my subconscious, so my big "sleep in" turned out to be up before 7am, and now at 7.30 I am tired again.

A friend sent me an email with a heap of memory triggers on it.  She said she didn't remember them all, but her dad did.  I, of course... sigh!  I'll post them shortly so you can feel ancient too :-)  

Washing is done, coffee is made, on with the day!

Two little dogs will be happy that mum is around full time again.  I hope.  On both counts.

Today I am grateful for washing machines. 

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