3 June 2012

it ain't finished till it's finished...

Coffee break at 9.30 am... it's been a busy day already and much more to do!  There's nothing like fine weather and new visitors to get the old witch waving the broomstick about.  I've even scrubbed the "folly steps" and raked up the sand.  Time for some vegemite (supporting the Kiwi Marmite calamity by not eating precious supplies ear-marked for Scotland - they are hidden from in-coming Kiwi guests).

Speaking of precious supplies... how's this for timing? Scissors to the rescue.  New vegemite supplies arrive on 24 June... I have only 20 days of privation... it ain't finished till it's finished!

Today I am grateful for the generosity of travellers. 


nicola said...

I can get you UK marmite, which tastes like vegemite. Ick. (:

Helen said...

I would hide the Vegemite that's for sure. It should only be shared with true believers - otherwise it is wasted:)