13 June 2012

thinking out loud

This is 40 x 150 cms.  Not typical proportions...
I'm still looking for something to excite me here. In the end it could well be the challenge of producing something that meets the client's expecations that is the driving force that fires me up.

I think I need to bring one hydrangea to life and then build around it... but then I risk trapping myself into more realism than time and other restraints permit.

There are fundamental problems of scale that I have yet to resolve.  I want to create a walk way to give the sense of freedom to explore further. 

I like a warm palette so began with a warm cream underpainting which allows white highlights over a warm base.  

The clouds actually work reasonably well, and have more colour than appears here. I am using exactly the same paints in the flowers to give warmth and unity.  The brief is for a field of blue and violet flowers with hydrangeas, butterflies and a blue and violet sunset.  I don't want to go too dark or too dramatic/strong until the client has seen the lighter version.  These colourings match better the photographs she has sent as "starters".

It's a big ask... and I have to review my approach from time to time!

Later:  I have added in a small hill, pushing back part of the composition and allowing the smaller flowers to be forward over a background, and been a little drastic with the clouds near the skyline. I will probably break up the solid clump of flowers near the middle on the lower edge.

This is all just blocked in for now... it's lunchtime!

and after lunch... 

a detail shot of the major change... plus bringing in the hues of the sunset
and now a break before I tackle the remaining flowers and those butterflies!!!

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