1 June 2012

bring me a beer please?

I have taken down fifty art works, delivered two car loads of them back to my place, and left 5 works for artists to collect themselves.  Another artist collected 5 works.  So I have handled forty works several times, and now all are hanging back up on the chains in the cantina to keep them safe.  Among them are works belonging to six Italy based artists who couldn't arrange to collect their work.

My feet are protesting, my legs are feeling the steps, stairs and the little ladder, not to mention the big step up to hang them in the cantina.  I have also put back all the works that had to come down so I could use the chains and hooks in Cassino.  I have decided that I wont do that again, the "organisers" can arrange a hanging system for next year!  Each time I take my hooks and chains anywhere I seem to lose a few more, and I have only enough for my own gallery left.

Bonus is that the big poppy painting looks perfect over the guest bed in the stone room :-)

Will somebody bring me a nice cold beer please? (Makes mental note to add beer to the list of essentials for the next exhibition).

Today I am grateful for my couch.


Sarah said...

Photo of brilliant poppy painting over guest bed please!

Kay said...

I'll take a photo tomorrow... I somehow doubt I'll even make it off the couch tonight!