6 March 2012

a sleepy blog post

I have been contemplating dental fees. It's looking like an expensive time for me.

The photo above is of my poor little car, somewhat damaged by the dumping of snow from the roof. Ouch says my pocket, as there is some ongoing debate as to what is and isn't insured in a snowfall - or rather, who covers the cost when the car insurance doesn't. But I've also had a dental check-up, and those photos were a bit scary too. I think that fixing the car might be the cheaper of my two bills.

It got me to thinking about poverty, or lack of, as the case really is. I am overweight, ("buttery" is the delightful term in Italian) which suggests that I eat more than I need to. I have too many clothes in my wardrobe, which suggests that I could give some away and not miss them, and certainly don't need more. I have more than one cell phone, more than one computer, and more than one place to call home. How dare I even think that I am "hard up" when I am living the life style I choose, working when and where I choose, and generally living "the good life"?

As one of my daughters says when people are not moving on with life in a positive way, "suck it in and get on with it" - or words to that effect. So I will "suck in" the bills, enjoy the primavera, and get on with earning my daily bread once again.

And every day I will count my blessings and enjoy the richness of my life.

Today I am grateful for a savings account.


Sarah said...

Your car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Ouch, unexpected expenses hurt!