28 March 2012

the blossoms

The blossoms are looking fabulous. The landscape is a gentle palette, romantic despite branches broken by the snow still hanging at acute angles in places. I want to wax lyrical but it is 3.30am.

The dogs had been barking at something in the valley a short while ago, and I did the "water out the window in the general direction of the noise" thing. Then I got up because I heard a noise outside. It was my neighbour heading out at 3am. Odd, I thought, something's up. I woke up properly and checked my emails, pondering on the separate lives in one building and hoping that nothing was amiss.

Just as I was thinking the worst (a most unfortunate trait of human nature, or is it a readiness to help?) the neighbour returned. He didn't know that he was being observed.

I guess when you run out of cigarettes and it is 3am you simply drive down to the village and buy them at the vending machine, using your medical card to prove that you are old enough to do so.

But why was he awake? I certainly hope it wasn't my dogs that woke him!

And now back to sleep for me, senza cigarettes, not even having a cuppa in fact!

My ponderings on life and springtime can wait, or resubmerge where they came from. Either way it doesn't really matter, in the bigger scheme of things!

Today I am grateful for my hot water bottle.

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