1 March 2012

honest thoughts on a friday

today is Friday, or almost, depending on where you are. But most of my readers are in NZ, so there it is definitely already Friday.

A blog I follow, one which shares much wisdom, arrives in my inbox regularly. I haven't read many of the most recent posts as I have been nursing my strained painting arm and avoiding internet.

But something made me read the post in my inbox today. When I went to comment on it, the blog author had removed the post. I think I understand why she has done so. Perhaps it was just a little too personal, and reflected only a fleeting moment in her day rather than where she really is in her thinking. But it set me thinking.

How honest are people really? That particular blog writer has a wonderful honesty in her writings. They come from her heart. But over the past couple of years I have been terribly disillusioned by some of my own countrymen (and women).

Our country is falling apart, thanks in part to the "old boys network". I hear repeatedly stories of injustices happening in our legislation and business simply because someone plays golf or drinks wine with someone important in the policy making.

People pretend to be who they are not, to achieve their own ends. It sickens me.

I am constantly hearing from NZers about the corruption in Italy. These days I reply that at least the corruption in Italy is open and honest corruption; even Italians will tell you not to trust anyone. In fact one of my closest Italian friends said to me "Kay, don't trust anyone. Not even me." His advice was wise. The newspapers report what is going on, and everyone knows where they stand. In NZ it is sinister, sly, and has the smirk and smile of self-serving evil all over it.

In New Zealand, I trusted almost everyone.

Sadly, that is now in past tense.

Today I am grateful for truly honest people.


Teacake said...

I agree with you for the most part, but there is a lot positive about NZ as well. Don't forget the good bits! Every country has its problems.

Sarah said...