23 March 2012

i miss my books

Living between two countries is sometimes a difficult balancing act.

One of the things from New Zealand that I really miss is my wonderful library. Yes, I have books in Italy, but not the wealth of philosophy and art books that wait for me patiently in NZ.

The other thing that I miss hugely is animated debate in my own language about artistic concepts, and the wonderful critiques of our work with fellow artists.

Why didn't I learn Italian when I was younger? How marvellous it would be to discuss at such depth with Italian artists and philosophers.

I guess you could say that Italy fills my soul, but due to my own short-comings I must rely on New Zealand to fill my art-language exercise needs.

Today I am grateful for phone conversation with a New Zealand artist.


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am grateful for Skype to be able to have the sort of conversations I cannot cope with in Italian.

Kay said...

Yes... skype is for seeing my grandchildren... any more and I would NEVER learn Italian or get any sleep!

Sarah said...

Oh! Waldo! Wally! Where are you now?!

Luna said...

I can imagine that a conversation can feel unfulfilling when you haven’t mastered the language. I’m an over analytical talker sometimes so I’m actually looking forward to a month in Italy where I can ‘rest my tongue’ a bit. I don’t know much Italian at all. Imagine that!