10 March 2012

donated paintings

The request was a donated painting on paper sized 200x200mm - much too small for my liking! I would rather have painted these at 2 metres and in oil, but in the spirit of the fundraiser I managed to produce these two simple watercolours (which did not photograph particularly well).

I aimed for a summery feel and happy colour in this work:
The small square shape requested by the organiser bothered me (I didn't really choose my subject photograph well) so in this one I played with the composition to sit it with a rotated "square" inside the square. I then produced two more much to my own liking, the tall poppy paintings.

It was a "silent auction" and I heard that there had been more bidding on the "prettier" of the two beach scenes than the perhaps more peaceful and reflective one. It certainly reached a higher price than I had expected, so I am pleased that I did make the effort to support the gallery.

I was (just quietly) very relieved that all four works sold, as it would not be nice to feel that your works have been rejected when you have painted them with the specific purpose of raising funds for a good cause!

Today I am grateful for energy chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I love the Poppies ca

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

My favourite is the last poppy painting but they are all lovely.

Kay said...

Thanks for the positive comments. I am actually about to work on a series of poppy paintings so should be posting images over the next month or two :-)

Luna said...

I do like the first painting, despite its 'squareness'. The colours inspire a happy feeling and the 'lines' of the square create interest.

Kay said...

Thanks! The second beach one plays on the square; I have "angled" three sides of the square in the composition with the tree. It works for me, even if not immediately obvious.

Yes, the first one is certainly a happy summer sketch, I enjoyed painting the sandy track in the foreground most.