17 February 2015

happiness is a new book

The first proof copy arrived today. I had a few alignment changes to make, and I tweaked the cover a little. But overall I was thrilled with the quality of the book. The colours are great, the look is professional (as it should be) and I liked my illustrations more in the book form than in the sketching and painting stages. I think a little distance from them has helped.

I suppose it is inevitable that some little errors will slip through, but I think I have done as well as I can proof reading this.

Recently I was disappointed to find a typing error in the chapter heading of a book from a publisher I hold in high regard. Perhaps it was a lesson to me. My biggest problem is not "letting go" and moving on to the next book. I can always see one more thing that I think I can improve.

I tested my new book in a bookshelf of assorted children's books today and was proud of the way it held its own there. I then came home and found several things to improve on.

It's late. Sleep calls. The order for more copies has been sent. Enough is enough, and if there are imperfections that have escaped me this time then my grandchildren will have flawed versions. I don't think that will be the case though. She said. Weakly.

Rolls off couch and staggers upstairs.

Today I am grateful for efficiency. 

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