1 March 2015

today and saying "no"

Today I set out to achieve two things.

  1. Answer emails
  2. Write my 2014 end of year letter. 

Instead I have

  1. paid my phone bill, 
  2. tried yet again to understand my W-8BEN (relax, I hadn't heard of them either), 
  3. signed and addressed my W-8BEN ready to post at last, 
  4. updated my passport number on my flight booking, 
  5. taken part in a tasting panel,
  6. caught up with a friend
  7. swept the floor, 
  8. emptied the dishwasher,
  9. cooked lunch,
  10. loaded the dishwasher, 
  11. surfed the mixed blessing known as FB
  12. and talked to the neighbours. 

Now I am sure it is time for a Nonna nap. Happy Sunday, everyone.

If you would like to read something rather more thought-provoking than the above, here is something I enjoyed reading via Facebook today: all about saying No.  Or this, about not wasting your youth (or second youth?)

Today I am grateful for young friends. 

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