16 February 2015

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One of the reasons I have been invisible - or should I say three of the reasons?

When Mum Fell Asleep in the Bath, Michelle and the Bumblebee, and The Lost Happy

When Mum Fell Asleep in the Bath is, of course, a mixture of truth and fiction. I wrote it for my children over thirty years ago, and it seemed timely to publish it in a form that my grandchildren might enjoy. 

Michelle and the Bumblebee is a true story with a conservation theme. It began its life as a comment on a Facebook page, where an avid gardener described her adventure. Someone else said "that would make a great children's story" - so of course I quickly said "I'll write it". I did. And then I illustrated it in watercolour. 

The Lost Happy was one of those elusive "a ha!" moments that grabbed my attention and demanded to be written, pushing its way in ahead of my main project which still waits patiently for me. 

I am waiting for the proof copies to arrive, and then will make these books available online. Little Goat Books was, fortuitously and without knowledge of the Chinese calendar, launched in the Year of the Goat. It feels right. 

Today I am grateful for three little emails that announce "book published". 

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Teacake said...

Well done! I look forward to seeing them in print :-)