29 August 2014

sharing the love

That title sounds like a hash tag. A few years ago I had no idea what a hashtag was, and I still don't know if it is one word or two.

But last night was a little bit special for me, sitting on my own in a big crowd wishing just a tiny bit that I could share my little moment of excitement with someone who might care.

This is a copy from my FB artist page, to save time and let me get back to my painting.
Last night at the main concert of the 20th Festival Internationale Severino Gazzeloni series I was happily singing the Italian national anthem, struggling with the words a little, while thinking "that photo on the two screens looks as though it was taken from the same place I painted from" - and then I saw my name under it.

My landscape of Caprile had been chosen to be the image used for the opening of the event, with a banner of the Italian colours super-imposed over the sky, screening to a huge crowd for the duration of the national anthem. Very humbling and proud moment. Thank you, Roccasecca, for including me this way.

Another of my watercolour landscapes featured later, and it was lovely to see it in this unusual context. Two large screens on either side of the stage displayed local art works chosen to complement the musical programme. The artists were also acknowledged several times, so people knew that they were viewing local artworks. Rather special.
Photo by Tommasino Marsella, "borrowed" from FaceBook. You can see a little of the image on the TV screen that was to the right of the stage, the one on the left is behind the lamp post.

Today I am grateful for inclusion.

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