12 August 2014

underway - second solo in my "hometown"

This evening I wondered why I had never bothered to organise a solo show here. I had one in 2007 on the advice of my lawyer and friend. He evidently thought that to establish my place in the community I needed to paint the town red - or blue - or green... in fact, that exhibition is probably what pulled me back into painting as I did 40 years ago. His advice was to paint local scenes. I did.  It was difficult, turning back the clock and trying to remember all I had forgotten. (It's coming back to me now though, for better or for worse). I've also had two or three solos in my own little village here, but somehow they don't feel like "real exhibitions" when I look back on them.

I exhibit in Cassino each year with the Legato exhibition that I organise and curate, so I suppose I really don't think beyond that. I also show my works in group exhibitions all over the region. But solo? Well, it simply wasn't important to me.

However, when asked to put on an exhibition as part of the summer programme here I reluctantly cancelled another obligation and pulled together a show. I have 37 works and a folder of small watercolours on display. Not bad really, and, although I say it myself, it looks good in the space.

Photos added in the next post as I get them onto the computer.

Today I am grateful for genuine and appreciative comments. 

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