8 August 2014

almost ready to exhibit

The hard work has been done. The paintings are all at the venue, most of them hanging. I need to wait until the morning for the panels (on which to hang the last ten works) to be brought down from on the stage. The paintings are sorted and ready for what I hope is instant hanging.

An oversight on the part of the organiser (and I should have nagged) probably means that once again my big paintings wont make it to the exhibition. The promised truck was not sent to collect them, but cross fingers for tomorrow. One thing I have learnt is that doing things at the last minute functions very well in Italy.

A friend has brought in three portraits that I did for her family in 2008, and I am delighted to see them again. She works for the Comune, and the exhibition is in the Comune conference room/gallery. I imagine she will enjoy sharing the portrait with her colleagues.

As always there are a few things to do before opening - I'd like to put in a couple of pot plants and make the space a little more attractive. Let's see how it looks tomorrow when the workers have removed excess tables and chairs.

I was amused and bemused to find that not only had the dates of the exhibition been changed without checking with me, (not so amusing) but that the exhibition had been named for me too. I'm still wondering how that works!

I had a little play with the locandina tonight. Here is my version of their version...

Today I am grateful for the friend who helps me hang my exhibitions.

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