9 September 2014

looking back then looking forward

Today I wrote some notes for a presentation in NZ, not by me but by a wonderful peace worker in Northland. She came to Legato this year, bringing impressive contemporary art work with her, and only two days ago I made time to (finally) look at the books that she had left with me. Coincidentally, this morning I received an email from her asking for my thoughts on Peace, as she wanted to build her presentation around this theme.

This took me back to the "why" of my living here, in a satisfying way. As life gets harder, as I get tired, as I wonder how I will keep going and perhaps begin to doubt my sanity a little, it is good to look back. Some of my blog posts inspire me and remind me of what I am trying to do. I would like to be that candle in the darkness, that calm in a storm. I would like to live the lines of the song that say "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me".

We cannot, as individuals, change the world. We change ourselves, and if we do that in the way we think is best for the whole world, then eventually the world will change.

Here, for those interested, is something I wrote for a global online paper some time ago. I was pleased to find it again this afternoon. It is a link to an older post on this blog.

I called the article "Superheroes and Mere Mortals". 

Today I am grateful for contact with peace workers. 

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