1 January 2014

twelve minutes until midnight

New Zealand and Australia saw the new year in quite some time ago. Italy celebrated seven hours ago and is now sleeping peacefully. And now, finally, at my holiday destination, it is almost midnight. The house is quiet, all are sleeping. Tomorrow is a big day.

I have been reading a book about writing. It is excellent, and I keep stopping to think about things I have just read. I should have finished by now, but midnight is approaching and I feel that I should honour the new year in some way.

Two glasses of muscato with strawberries floating in it were delightful but not quite enough celebration to call it a party. Music, and company, would be nice but the silence has its own beauty and I appreciate it very much.

It is cold outside, far too cold to go out and look for fireworks. I doubt that I could see any if there were celebrations anyway, as we are surrounded by pine trees.

How different it is from my two homes, Italy and NZ. Here I don't feel at home, I am just staying for a while. I am glad to be here, and it is increasingly familiar, but I will be glad to be home again too.

I want/need to write, to paint, to create. Too many projects are unfinished, or still mere ideas. It is time to face my fears and simply "do it".

I am still contemplating the most appropriate word to live by in 2014, and I have twelve minutes to decide what it will be. No, I have four minutes. My word for the last two years (I didn't feel that I had achieved it well enough in one year) still remains my secret. Perhaps I will share it in a blog post of its own.

And now, as the midnight hour approaches, I have my new word. In fact, I have three. Why choose only one? And so my checklist will be a multiple one, as I review each day.

 I hear fireworks! Happy New Year, everybody!

This year I am so very grateful for the new additions to our family.


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