17 January 2014

I was trying

I was trying to work on simply being. On being a human being instead of a human doing. I wanted to stop and smell the roses more, to have more time for family and friends. As I tick jobs off an endless list I wonder how I can change horses, and stay in the saddle.

I like what I do. Mostly. I enjoyed teaching yesterday, and was only a little pleased to have the day to myself today when my painting student cancelled. But I do like to just "be" as well. I'm pretty good at being, mostly on my own.

I have officially, as of today, moved apartments. Internet is functioning in the upstairs apartment. Downstairs is available for rental. It feels right. With less to do, I can "be, more". If I rent out the apartment (available after June or July when my last visitors head back down under) then I can be, be, be much more. I have a tenant in mind, cross fingers for me!

Now to sort out some mats and curtains, it's a little chilly when I move away from the heater.

Today I am grateful for progress with plans. 

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Teacake said...

Wow! Go you!