7 January 2014

the big chill

It's minus 11 degrees centigrade right now, with the temperature still falling. I don't think I have ever been more grateful for central heating in my life! The wind chill factor drops the "feels like" to around minus 18 Celsius.

This is a record low for Auburn - and not a part of my holiday plan!

I am sorry that the Auburn Tigers lost in a really close game tonight, but glad that the fans will be safely home and not suffering from frost-bite after their traditional outdoor celebrations.

Auburn is a very attractive University town, with many lovely trees on campus. When the Tigers win it is traditional to festoon the trees with toilet paper. After a big game this is quite some sight, and I do wonder who it is that manages to toss the rolls up so high into the tree.

Tonight was the national final (played in California), and Auburn had a good chance of winning. It was a very tight game, and with only 13 seconds to go "we" lost the lead (it had changed a couple of times in the fourth quarter after the Tigers set up a healthy lead earlier), and Florida took the title. Very disappointing for Auburn, but probably a lucky save for many, as we are in the grip of the chill and with frostbite warnings in place.

I do hope that the homeless across the USA have all found safe and warm shelter for the worst of this big chill.

For myself, I hope that all flights in and out of Atlanta airport are on time and without incident.

Very cold? It's ffffffff freeeeeezing! (But lovely and snug indoors). Right now Italy is warmer than Alabama - it's time to go home!

100212Water boils
40104Hot Bath
3798.6Body temperature
3086Beach weather
2170Room temperature
1050Cool Day
0 32Freezing point of water
-180Very Cold Day
-40-40Extremely Cold Day (and the same number!)
(bold are exact)

Today I am grateful for heating.

ps: woke this morning to 9 degrees F, that's almost minus 13 Celcius. No walk today!

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