24 January 2014

i've come a long way...

I have just sent an email to my artist daughter with a link and the suggestion that she "google translate". Then it struck me that I had understood the article perfectly, accessing my translator brain for only the paragraph I particularly wanted to share with my daughter. I am a pretty slack mother, in that I didn't stop to translate if for her, but opted to blog instead. But I am pretty happy that I have come a long way with Italian, even if I still have a long, long way to go.

I am working with another artist on a project that could make July look as busy as May is looking. It's all good... but I must learn to leave the computer occasionally or it will be all planning and no painting.

Time to answer some emails, and then get some sleep. It's a cold night and the blankets are calling!

I don't seem to need to blog these days for myself so, for those who follow the blog, I give my apologies. Perhaps I will get back to it properly once a few more things are in place for other projects.

Today I am grateful for enthusiastic people.

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