11 September 2014

muddling along

"The weather is truly frightful... " well, not really, and I don't want to "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow", but it has been stormy enough to blow shut balcony doors open, to have wind howling so loudly I wouldn't have been able to sleep (had I been in bed and not mopping up water that came in from the studio balconies at 1.30 this morning). But it is warm. I'm not even wearing long sleeves. It is only 2.30pm and I am finding it difficult to paint in this dull light.

But paint I must, if this frustrating and difficult commission is to be finished on time.

Five completely disparate scenes united in one painting. It has not been easy.

Here are some little snippets that might give you some idea of what I am dealing with. And for me, the overriding thought is that the unsuspecting recipients of this gift need to like it too.

Here's hoping!

If you would like to read something else try this blog post from another writer. It is interesting. I need to come back and read it again, so I have linked it here so I can find it easily when I am ready to think about it some more.

Today I am grateful for warmth with the storms. 

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