15 April 2014

nine days ago

Nine days ago I was perched on a marble street marker painting this:

I seem to have misplaced the photos of the finished paintings. It was the artichoke festival (sagra) at Secce. A group of artists I belong to was part of the "entertainment". 

Until I find my photos you can study the artichokes :) 

And if that made you hungry, try these: http://www.acitrezzaonline.it/ricette/verdure/verdure06.htm
Google translated:
Ingredienti 8 artichokes; Homemade bread crumbs; grated pecorino cheese and chopped; one sprig of parsley; salt, pepper, olive oil. 

Procedure: Clean the artichokes, drain and cut the tips and the stem in order to make them feel very high standing in the baking dish. In a bowl mix well with bread crumbs and grated cheese with parsley and garlic. Add salt and pepper and finish mixing. 
Open the center and artichokes filled with this mixture. Place them tight in a pan and then pour the oil into the artichokes. Put the pan in the water almost to cover the artichokes (flush), add some more in 'water a tablespoon of olive oil, a little salt and a slice of lemon (to remain clear artichokes). Cook for at least half an hour. You can serve hot or cold.

Today I am grateful for walnuts and salted peanuts. 

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Nicola said...

I love that there is a festival of artichokes. :)