11 April 2014


This is a part of a work in progress for Legato (May). It is the work in water-soluble oils that have taken some getting used to. I don't have all the mediums for glazes that I could use with these, but I am determined to at least get this finished before I toss what is left in the tubes away (I'll give them away, for what that is worth, there wont be much left).

Water soluble oils because I bought them at the request of an Italian artist who then decided she didn't need them (after I had carted them from NZ for her). So, after having them sitting on the shelf for a long time I decided to try them and avoid having the smell of turps and oil through my studio home.

The work is about a metre square. Here is a little bit more just to show you what I am doing. There are many areas still to resolve, but finally I am beginning to feel that I have made some progress.

Today I am grateful for music while I work.

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